Territory Manager List

Getting in Touch With Your IRS Territory Manager

For a list of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites in your area, contact your IRS Territory Manager, listed below.  The Territory Managers, or their staff, can help you set up new VITA sites and train VITA volunteers. Some offices cover more than one state.  The Territory Manager for your state may be headquartered elsewhere, but he or she does supervise the program in your area.  The Territory Manager’s office can connect you to IRS staff, EIC outreach materials, VITA trainings or VITA site supervisors in your state, and help plan future efforts.  IRS is currently making changes to these offices.  Please let us know if you are unable to make contact.

Note:  These numbers should not be given to individual taxpayers to call for personal tax help.  These offices can’t do that — they organize the VITA program.  Call 1-800-829-1040 for tax help.

Alabama Lee Edmonson 251-341-5955/Dennis.L.Edmondson@irs.gov
Alaska Sue Stockman 206-220-4376/Sue.M.Stockman@irs.gov
Arizona Patrick Reidy 602-636-9120/ Patrick.G.Reidy@irs.gov
Arkansas Jane H. Fisher 501-396-5812/Jane.H.Fisher@irs.gov
   Sacramento/Fresno April Crawford 214-208-7775/April.G.Crawford@irs.gov
   Los Angeles/Santa Maria Connie Stewart 213-576-3439/Connie.Stewart@irs.gov
   Oakland/San Jose/ Santa Maria Shelly Dunn 510-846-3260/Shelly.Dunn@irs.gov
Colorado Steve Soria 651-726-1580/Steve.Soria2@irs.gov
Connecticut Joseph Hayek 716-961-5526/Joseph.P.Hayek@irs.gov
Delaware Maritza Collazo 973-468-3266/Maritza.Collazo@irs.gov
District of Columbia Mel Hardy 202-317-6088/Mel.Hardy@irs.gov
Florida Maritza Michaud 973-468-3266/Maritza.Michaud@irs.gov
Georgia Elizabeth Hollingsworth 404-702-7692/Elizabeth.Hollingsworth@irs.gov
Hawaii Shelly Dunn 510-846-3260/Shelly.Dunn@irs.gov
Idaho Steve Soria 651-726-1580/Steve.Soria2@irs.gov
Illinois Mary Solomon 402-233-7311/Mary.L.Solomon@irs.gov
Indiana Ken Williams 317-685-7782/Kenneth.L.Williams@irs.gov
Iowa Mary Solomon 402-233-7311/Mary.L.Solomon@irs.gov
Kansas Jane H. Fisher 501-396-5812/Jane.H.Fisher@irs.gov
Kentucky Ken Williams 317-685-7782/Kenneth.L.Williams@irs.gov
Louisiana Karen Durand 504-558-3295/Karen.Durand@irs.gov
Maine Elizabeth Skiba 617-316-2557/Elizabeth.L.Skiba@irs.gov
Maryland Mel Hardy 202-317-6088/Mel.Hardy@irs.gov
Massachusetts Elizabeth Skiba 617-316-2557/Elizabeth.L.Skiba@irs.gov
Michigan DeAntonie Price 313-628-3739/DeAntonie.Price@irs.gov
Minnesota Dave Petrie 651-726-1584/David.R.Petrie@irs.gov
Mississippi Agnes Newman 615-250-5641/Agnes.Newman@irs.gov
Missouri Jane H. Fisher 501-396-5812/Jane.H.Fisher@irs.gov
Montana Steve Soria 651-726-1580/Steve.Soria2@irs.gov
Nebraska Mary Solomon 402-233-7311/Mary.L.Solomon@irs.gov
Nevada April Crawford 214-208-7775/April.G.Crawford@irs.gov
New Hampshire Elizabeth Skiba 617-316-2557/Elizabeth.L.Skiba@irs.gov
New Jersey Maritza Collazo 973-468-3266/Maritza.Collazo@irs.gov
New Mexico Patrick Reidy 602-636-9120/ Patrick.G.Reidy@irs.gov
New York
   Albany/Buffalo Joseph Hayek 716-961-5526/Joseph.P.Hayek@irs.gov
   New York City James Duffy 212-436-1031/James.Duffy@irs.gov
North Carolina Steven Owens 803-312-7820/Steven.Owens@irs.gov
North Dakota Dave Petrie 651-726-1584/David.R.Petrie@irs.gov
Ohio Michelle Bell 513-263-4271/Michelle.Bell@irs.gov
Oklahoma Karen Durand 504-558-3295/Karen.Durand@irs.gov
Oregon Sue Stockman 206-220-4376/Sue.M.Stockman@irs.gov
Pennsylvania Jim Daugherty 412-395-4534/James.K.Daugherty@irs.gov
Rhode Island Elizabeth Skiba 617-316-2557/Elizabeth.L.Skiba@irs.gov
South Carolina Steven Owens 803-312-7820/Steven.Owens@irs.gov
South Dakota Dave Petrie 651-726-1584/David.R.Petrie@irs.gov
Tennessee Agnes Newman 615-250-5641/Agnes.Newman@irs.gov
   Dallas/Midland/Houston Paul Ramos 214-413-6029/Paul.S.Ramos@irs.gov
   El Paso/San Antonio/Austin Ricardo Soto 915-834-6512/Ricardo.Soto2@irs.gov
Utah Patrick Reidy 602-636-9120/Patrick.G.Reidy@irs.gov
Virginia Terry Lewis 202-803-9055/Terry.K.Lewis@irs.gov
Washington Sue Stockman 206-220-4376/Sue.M.Stockman@irs.gov
Vermont Elizabeth Skiba 617-316-2557/Elizabeth.L.Skiba@irs.gov
West Virginia Terry Lewis 202-803-9055/Terry.K.Lewis@irs..gov
Wisconsin Dave Petrie 651-726-1584/David.R.Petrie@irs.gov
Wyoming Steve Soria 651-726-1580/Steve.Soria2@irs.gov
Puerto Rico Elizabeth Hollingsworth 404-702-7692/Elizabeth.Hollingsworth@irs.gov