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Working-Family Tax Credit Essentials, Part 3: Making Key Provisions Permanent” — The third installment in this CBPP series on working family tax credits explains why key provisions of the EITC and CTC set to expire in 2017 should be made permanent. Read more.

The Affordable Childcare System That Used to Exist in the U.S.” — During his State of the Union Address, President Obama announced his plan to include a new tax credit in his upcoming budget plan that would cover the costs of child care up to $3,000 per child per year for families making under $120,000 a year. Read more.

“Working-Family Tax Credit Essentials, Part 2: The Credits’ Lasting Benefits” — The second installment in this CBPP series on working family tax credits discusses recent ground-breaking research suggesting that the EITC and CTC help families at virtually every stage of life. Read more.

On January 26, the National Women’s Law Center will present “Tax Issues for Domestic Violence Survivors: What Advocates and Service Providers Need to Know,” a webinar on tax issues for survivors of domestic violence. Taxes are one way that survivors of domestic violence can establish economic independence from their abusers. Read more.

On January 29, join CBPP for “Part V: Reconciliation,” the fifth webinar in a 5-part series on the Affordable Care Act to learn how to tackle complicated reconciliation scenarios — things you won’t see every day, but that may give you a headache when you do. The webinar will also cover new tools released by HHS on January 16 and how and when to use them. Read more.

About the EITC Outreach Campaign

For more than 20 years, the Campaign, which includes community organizations, employers, social service programs, and government agencies, has promoted the Earned Income Credit (EIC), the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and free tax filing assistance for lower- and moderate-income workers. Each year millions of eligible workers risk missing out on these important federal tax benefits because they do not know they qualify, do not know how to claim the credits, or do not know where to find free tax filing assistance. Your outreach efforts can help ensure that eligible workers can receive the tax credits they’ve earned.

This website provides the information and resources you need to develop a vibrant Tax Credit Outreach Campaign. For questions or assistance with developing your outreach strategy, please contact us at eickit@cbpp.org or 202-408-1080.

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